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Improve your IMDB StarMeter

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What is the IMDB Starmeter?

What is the IMDB Starmeter?

IMDB – What’s it all About?

The standard for looking up actor’s work is imdb. Fans know that is the destination for film and tv info.

Imdb is perceived as a legitimate resource to verify an actors body of work. A project that isn’t listed on imdb bears little significance in the entertainment world.

The more info you have listed on imdb the better it makes you look. Although casting directors, agents, managers, and executives all use imdb. Actors seem to be the primary users in my opinion. I know of executives reading it while listening to an agent pitch their client.

Imdb pro is a service you need to sign up for. Every actor should sign up because it gives you access and information you normally would not get. Producers, location scouts, and budgets are all listed. Additionally, it let’s you find out who represents which actor or director. Sag even allows a 20% discount to its members if you go to their website and look up media subscriptions.

The IMDB starmeter is a function of the site where talent’s “worth” or popularity is measured by a number. That number will change based on different factors.

There are numerous ways to raise your starmeter, they include starring in a hugely successfull niche movie like the blair witch project. Also, having your name mentioned in the news or magazines or through sites like facebook and twitter will also help. You should also encourage people to leave comments on your imdb page. And it never hurts to be in films and tv shows that attract a lot of viewers. Do as many projects as possible to get your ranking higher.

The numbers don’t actually represent factual data and they are rather arbitrary indication of popularity. Casting directors and agents will use it as a measuring stick to determine someones bankability. I have found that the numbers indicate the following:

Below 1,000,000 means you may have been in an an obscure project years ago that got listed.

1,000,000 – 200,000  - means an average actor

200,000 – 50,000 an actor who may not act full time but is proactive when it comes to doing things that increase the starmeter rankings

50,000 – 20,000 good chance you work a lot but not consistent like a tv show regular

10,000-5,000 – means you have a good career and book a lot of jobs. Uta, paradigm, wme, caa, and other big agencies represent you.

Less than 5,000 – This is when you are in mix. This is when people will want to hire you based on the audience that follows you. Just like a door man to a club that get’s hired for bringing a crowd this is the same way a casting director would want to hire you.

A lot of people manipulate the rankings and this is easy to do.  Leave comments for your friends and view their starmeter. This will raise their ranking and they will do the same for you in return but there is also a company that does it called

The starmeter can help you find the right representative because it will let you see the rankings of their clients, only on imdb pro though. Then compare your number to their clients and you will have a good idea of which manager or agent is the right fit for you.

The rankings are updated every monday. They measure the difference between one week and the next and that determines how “popular” are. If people in the business see a huge increase in your popularity they may be more likely to hire you. Since younger actors use social media more, they can have a higher ranking since their friends are probably online looking at their profile. Older actors don’t use these tools as much.